Our Vision & Mission Statement

P3 Nail and beauty academy is an english private academy which serves primarily the working community of the east of Gauteng.

The academy has as it's vision in striving to offer higher and further education based on a broad national character through the medium of english language. Implied in this statement is the determination to accommodate cultural, religious and ethnic difference amongst student but never to the detriment of the maintenance of the ethos of the academy   

Our goal is that each student should enjoy the maximum opportunity to fulfil her potential in the academic and cultural milieu through a policy of differentiation according to ability in the field of health.

We believe that the primary aim of any academy is to prepare students to enter the therapy world as balanced individuals who are equipped to face the challenges awaiting them. As such we define as our first priority the provision of a sound academic education for our students.

We further believe that student’s interests and talents should be developed  to their full potential. We therefore encourage students to start working in the Industry as soon as they can to help them gain confidence and experience.

Recognition in all areas is given, when deserved, as a just reward, but never as an incentive.

Apart from the activities at the academy, we believe that each student has a social commitment to the college and her peers. We therefore encourage, at all time, the development of sound social values. We strive to foster loyalty, honesty, empathy and altruism in our students so that each student may feel secure and happy in the academy environment.

I Annebel Bosch, Principal, Manager and Owner of P3 Nail and Beauty Academy am totally committed to this vision and mission statement.

Accredited by  ITEC 7657 and SSETA 3732

The examination board is recognized internationally with examinations set by ITEC head office in the UK. The Examination takes place in November/December

We start mid January each year, and finish our academic year before the first of December. During the year we have school holidays which coincide with the government  colleges and school’s.  

The students write national examinations in October of each year – Theory and practical, and if they pass these examinations they have the opportunity to enrol for  the International examination (ITEC) at the end of the year. This qualification is one of the highest qualifications recognised world wide.

Product training takes place throughout the year, and the cosmetic houses issue diplomas to the students that pass their tests.

We have an annual graduation ceremony where diplomas and certificates are awarded and the school trophies for the student with the highest qualification.

Beauty Specialist / Health & Skin Care / Nail technology 

We offer comprehensive courses in all aspects of beauty and nails, which are Nationally and Internationally accredited.

The academy issues national certificates (P3) at the end of the year when all examinations are completed, and successfully passed. Subjects generally are divided into three parts – practical, theory and case studies. Students are expected to complete examinations in all of these sections, as well as small research projects for some subjects.

The academy strictly follows the ITEC (Internationally) syllabus in – Beauty specialist -1 year diploma, Health and skin care - 2 years diploma and Nail technology to maintain the highest National and International qualification.

A minimum of 60% is required to pass theory and practical examinations. A credit is received for 80% and above, with honours being 90% and over. Our school year starts mid January and closes at the beginning of December. School holidays will be confirmed at the beginning of each year. Students will be supplied with all the required notes for the year; and a textbook list will be issued Student must pay there own test books. Students must however supply their own stationary and consumables.

The hair, nails and clothing of the students should at all times be neat and tidy. The dress code is black pants and iniform tops. In winter a neat white or Black tracksuit is acceptable. The school uniform is to be worn on examination days and when outside lecturers come in. White or black flat shoes must be worn with the uniform.

Career Opportunities

Beauty Therapists

At the end of every academic year, students graduating from P3 Nail and Beauty academy are very successful in securing work positions in the Beauty field.The majority of graduates are offered beauty therapist positions in beauty salons or health spas locally and throughout the country.

Self Employment

Some students prefer to start and operate their own beauty salons. After graduating from P3 Nail and Beauty academy they are fully equipped with the necessary skills and practical experience to do so.

Other Opportunities

When it comes to employment it is possible to look further than conventional beauty salons. There are a number of other opportunities for beauty therapists - for example in photography studios, the bridal industry, working on cruise ships, sale in cosmetics, working with plastic surgeons, make-up artist, television, theatre, movies, fashion shows, salon and spa manager, beauty blogger, medical esthetician and salon owners. 

Cruise Ships – Steiner

The school is also proud to be associated with Steiner Transocean Ltd (UK) that recruits qualified beauty therapists for positions on cruise ships around the world. These career opportunities are extremely popular and since 1999 a large number of our students have been selected each year to sign contracts with Steiner. Steiner offer work opportunities to qualified and selected students.